"For awhile I have been going to the YMCA and if it was not for your services and the low cost of the YMCA membership made available to me, I would not be able to attend. I have lost a total of 200 pounds!! I thank my lucky stars that I found your services. Please keep doing all that you guys do. If it was not for your YMCA Program, I would still be in a scooter and a walker. Now I can get up and walk around. I get to go anywhere I want on my own power! Bless you and thank you so much!"

This was written by SE, one of our current consumers.




"As a client of Independent Living, who is elderly and have multiple disabilities, I feel very blessed to have a YMCA membership. I have disabilities due to a car accident in 2018, the back and neck injuries further limited my physical disabilities. I could no longer exercise, walk, and even physical therapy was too painful. My doctors were very concerned with my lack of mobility and the loss of muscle strength. With the blessing of a YMCA membership through Independent Living, I am able to swim and maintain my weight. My orthopedic and neuro surgeon believe this is a great and positive thing for my overall health conditions. Not just swimming, but the hot tub also provides some pain relief and it's great socialization time as well. I am very grateful for Independent Living and those that donate to the wonderful program. Without the funding, I wouldn't be able to attend the YMCA. This program  has been life altering for me. Thank you Independent Living, its caring staff, YMCA, and the donations from donors that make this possible for me and other disabled individuals. A true blessing!

This was written by PSG, one of our current consumers.



STK Program

 "Thank you for all the things you let us do this Summer. We enjoyed all the activities you planned for us. Thank you!"

This was written by Richland Newhope Kids.